Some agents scrambled to adapt to a virtual world.

At Realty United New England,
we have been doing it all along!

For years, Realty United New England has had the equipment, technology, systems, & staff in place to work in a completely virtual world.

Our approach to virtual real estate transforms how business is done
for both buyers & sellers!


  • Our combination & execution of current technologies ensure only the most interested buyers enter your home.
  • Every listing receives a full Matterport property scan. Matterport listings average 34% more views than a comparable property with only still photography.
  • Full 3-D digital walkthroughs, digital floor plans, cutaway views, and even the ability for prospective buyers to remotely measure rooms in your home.
  • Virtual open houses served on multiple platforms giving a true Open House experience with only your trusted RU New England agent entering your home.
  • Targeted marketing and customized web presence ensure that all of our virtual technologies are targeted toward actual buyers!


  • Realty United New England still provides a full-service experience without you having to leave your home.
  • Buyer virtual services start with the opportunity to shop for a home from the comfort and safety of your current home.
  • All financial services and purchasing contracts are completed remotely and digitally with electronic signing platforms and completely secure websites.
  • Our experienced RealtorsĀ® can attend your inspections and walkthroughs for you. We have years of experience in negotiating repairs and/or credits in our buyers’ best interests.
  • We have partnered with professional cleaning and certified sanitation companies that can make sure your new home is completely cleaned from top to bottom before you ever step inside.

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