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Brendan has been active in Real Estate for over six years! Originally from Smithfield, RI and moving to Kissimmee, FL at a young age, Brendan moved back to Rhode Island to attend Providence College. Having worked as a Sales Representative previously and building homes during the summers, Brendan wanted to get to know the other side of the business and received his license.

“Working with someone who never thought they could own a home and getting them to their closing table is my favorite part of my career,”

When Brendan isn’t finding and selling homes for his clients, you can find him relaxing in the White Mountains or in the Carribean by the water. He is an avid reader and practitioner of Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Yoga and Transcendental Meditation and also a foodie – he has even had crickets – but prefers sushi, mexican or burgers for a more casual choice!  Always on the go, Brendan loves visiting the local beaches, traveling the work and even being on stage hosting events for 2000 plus attendees!

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